Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break Photo Shoot

I've always been more of a dog person than a cat person, but I have a confession:  I love that damn Grumpy Cat that is all over the Internet.  He cracks me up.  Hell, he even got a gig with Friskies and is pulling down some jack!

So, I got to thinking....  Why can't one of our animals become a famous meme and start earning its keep?  Yellow Kitty had his chance, so I decided to give Gracie, our inside/outside cat, her big break.  I knew she'd be stoked.

Me:  Hey, Gracie!!!!  Come here, kitty kitty!

If I play dead, she'll go away.
Shit.  Maybe I should look busy.
 Me:  Come on Gracie!  Let's make you a star!
You have my attention.
Me:  Let's have a Spring Break photo shoot and see what develops!

I see what you did there. Very funny.  NOT.  But, WTH?  I'm game.
Me:  I knew you'd be excited!  Let's try a prop!

I see what you were going for, but pu$$y in a box doesn't have,
 the same ring to it as that Justin Timberlake skit on SNL.
 Me:  Okay.  Maybe another pose.  Something unique.  Work it!

How about this?
 Me:  It's not THAT kind of photoshoot, Gracie.  Let's go outside!

I think this is my good side.
 Me:  Yeah, it's great, but look this way.

Oh, you want my other good side.
Me:  No, look over here!

I just did this.  Your direction is redundant.
 Me: Nevermind!  Let's try an action shot.  Pretend something unexpectedly gets your attention.

How about this?
Me:  I'm just not feeling it.

How about a different box?
Me:  Nah. Let's call it a day.  Maybe Grumpy Cat has more talent than I thought.

Just what I was hoping for.... 


  1. You have a very good gift Kris, very entertaining reads. Hope you are doing well

  2. Damn cats... Love 'em, but their little attitudes make you want to squeeze the catnip out of them sometimes!

  3. Well that's the first time I've ever seen a pussy licking itself but then again I haven't been looking. WORD!

    1. Yes, I would not expect you to be up on such things. ;)