Monday, March 4, 2013

The Hall Pass List

In case you aren't familiar with the premise, a Hall Pass List is composed of people you could hook up with if the opportunity presented itself with no repercussions from your spouse or partner.  These are people you would not encounter normally -- celebrities, models, famous atheletes, etc.  A Fantasy F--k List, if you will. 

For example, Jennifer Aniston has been on Hubs' list from day one. She was nearby filming a movie not too long ago. If Hubs had run into her and she wanted some of that, he could've given her some.  I couldn't have said a word.  No judgement.  Hell, I'd have been proud for him.

We each are allowed five people on our list.  (The number is up to you.  Make up your own rules.)  Hubs keeps five at all times plus he has a waiting list.  (Hang in there Sofia Vergara.  You are on the verge!)  I've been surprised that Hubs has kept Marisa Tomei on his list all these years. When I've asked why he hasn't switched her out for someone more current, he said, "I'm loyal like that."  Good to know.

Jon Bon Jovi was the one and ONLY person on my list for years.  Many, MANY years.  However, JBJ started playing fast and loose with his ranking when he did the Advil commercial.  But, I stood by him (I'm loyal like that) and convinced myself that he was just capitalizing on his notoriety as a mature celebrity. Who can't use a little Advil?  Not so bad.  At least he wasn't using "You Give Love a Bad Name" to pitch meds for venereal disease.  So, JBJ maintained his reign as the lone star of my list.

But then it happened....  He created a fragrance for Avon.  Shit.  Why Jon?  WHY?!?  Couldn't you at least create a high end fragrance?  He'd backed me into a corner.  Left me no choice.  I had to make the cut.  I love his music, but that's all there can be between us.

That left an open slot for a new one and only on my list. (I am apparently far more discerning than my Hubs.) I considered Channing Tatum, but after seeing him in Magic Mike, I was wary.  That guy can move and thrust like nobody's business.  I'm over 40.  A wild night with that young buck could break a hip.  Sorry, Channing, but safety first.

After much deliberation, I did select a new one for my list.  He's young, fit, can lift heavy things and would be handy for getting things down from the top shelf.  I am going to keep him a secret for now to make sure he is the ONE.  Stay tuned.... 

Who would top your list?


  1. Please, hooker. You've seen my "If My Husband Dies" board. But top of list? Easy peasy. Hugh "I am Wolverine but can also be a sensitive man in a musical" Jackman. #1 DILF with a bullet.

  2. I`m going with Joe Manganiello for the top of my list. I'll take a werewolf over a vampire any day.

  3. Right now I am all about Dave Franco. He is HOT and FUNNY! Rounding out my Top 5...Chris Cuomo, Joe Manganiello, John Stewart and Boris Kodjoe

  4. Well its about time you dumped shorty. JEEZ! But I still cant believe you replaced him with Joe Peshi.....Haha!