Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bon Jovi Baby!

The Hubs and I saw Bon Jovi live in concert last night for the umpteenth time.  Those guys never disappoint!  Even after 30 years in the biz, they turn it out. No opening act. Just three hours of everything from the greatest to the latest. A fantastic show!  Hubs likes their music and I do too, but I loves, loves, LOVES me some Jon Bon Jovi.  *Insert wistful sigh*  In fact, JBJ was the ONLY person on my Hall Pass List for many years.  (I will save the evolution of our Hall Pass Lists for another day.)

Before getting my large adult beverage and finding our seats, I made a pit stop so I wouldn't have to during the show. I am pretty sure the ladies room was a time portal back to 1985.  Wow.  I was amazed at the (misplaced) confidence some folks have with their body image. 

Is the Skank Bedazzler a product I've missed????  Also, many chicks were encasing their bundt tops ("muffin" doesn't cover it) in sausage like casings disguised as brightly colored and/or animal print ill-fitting tops.

Despite the best efforts of quite a few 40+ aged women who hoisted their more-than-ample bosoms up around their necks and trotted right down in front of the stage in their 6" Stilettos, the concert was at no time stopped for Jon Bon Jovi to jump down and proclaim, "I gotta get me some of that!" Shocking.  I know. 

Out of 18,000 people, we actually recognized a lady who'd sat near us at the last Bon Jovi concert.  Her level of totally s%#! faced-ness was apparently seared into our memory because she was exactly the same last night.  JBF (Just Been F#%*ing) hair....  Loose tank top....  Unsupported bosom....  Full-body undulations totally devoid of rhythm....  Tourette's-like outbursts when anyone attempted to squelch her spirit.....   Classy.  Hubs and I hoped she at least got tanked up BEFORE the concert.  If not, she surely had to take out a second mortgage to get torn up like that on the arena-priced drinks since our TWO were $40!

It was a fun night of music and people watching.  Kind of like one of those Mastercard commercials. *Insert pleasant male voice over*  Primo Bon Jovi Tickets, $$$.  Jumbo mixed drinks, $$.  Giant booster shot to your self-confidence?  Priceless!

Before anyone gets bent out of shape about any of my observations, let me just say one thing about everyone referenced.... Bless their hearts!