Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warped Reality

Seems like outrageous behavior, lack of self-control and poor decision making create more celebrities than talent these days.  Want to be discovered?  Film yourself doing something hilarious, daring, disgusting, disturbing or morally corrupt and you're liable to get your own reality show.

While there are a few nonscripted shows out there worth watching (Duck Dynasty, The Incredible Dr. Pol) the majority are far from any reality I would hope to expereince.

Plastic, fighting housewives?  Not in my neighborhood.  Seaside drunk guidos?  Not interested.  Talentless sisters pimped out to the media by their mom?  Wouldn't want to hang with them.  Guys with night vision goggles hunting squatches?  Nah. I got shit to do.

Then, after "reality" hits, what do you do for more attention? Make a sex tape that gets leaked (wink-wink) to the Internet.  I'm pretty sure if I ever saw myself having sex that I'd never have it again.  But, if I ever WAS so inclined, I'd insist on body makeup, complimentary lighting and one of those blurry lenses that smooths everything out.  (Madonna's people know where to get those.)  Post production airbrushing would be a must.

Once you're a celebrity, the next step seems to be marketing your own fragrance.  Fact:  I'd rather smell like Marlboros and Cool Ranch Doritos than a Kardashian or a Jersey Shore strumpet.

Ring!  Ring!  Oh, who's that calling now that you're (in)famous?  Why, Hugh Hefner of course!  He wants to see you tastefully photographed gardening without panties or naked, spread eagle on a rock. Hef seriously creeps me out.  Am I the only one who thinks he surely smells like ass rot and skank?

Celebrities of any origination must also canoodle.  The paparazzi always catches them canoodling.  I'm not quite sure what canoodling is, but it sounds like some kind of weird pasta fetish.  I'm against it.

Reality?  I'm much happier with my own than any I can watch on television.

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  1. You need to be watching Ru Paul's drag race! Now that is one GREAT reality show.